Course Care

Sunshine Golf Club is fully committed to ensuring our course is safe and environmentally friendly for all members and fellow golfers. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our course care instructions.


Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by him, and then leave the rake outside the bunker with the handle pointing toward the tee of the hole being played.

  • Always enter the bunker at the lowest point.
  • Pull rake toward you as you exit the bunker.
  • If required rake other affected areas.
  • Do not pile sand at the edge of the bunker.
  • Push back excess sand.

Bunker Rake Policy

Always leave rake outside the bunker.

Repairing Divots

  • Remove any loose turf from the affected area.
  • Knock in all sides of the edge of the divot with your club or your shoe or fill the divot with sand.

Repairing Ball-Marks

  • Always start at the back of the mark and push forward with the repairer.
  • Use repairer around all sides and slowly ease turf toward the centre of the mark. Do not lift the soil upwards.
  • Lightly tap down with putter.

Damage to Greens

Flagsticks, Bags etc.
Players should ensure that, when putting down bags or the flagstick, no damage is done to the putting green, and that neither they nor their caddies damage the hole by standing close to it in handling the flagstick or in removing the ball from the hole. The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before the players leave the putting green.

Handling the flag

  • Don’t drop the flagstick on the putting surface as it will cause damage.
  • Always lower the flagstick by club or by hand.
  • Avoid damage to surrounds by placing the stick in the centre of the cup.

Removing Ball

Players are requested to NOT to use their putter to remove their golf ball from the hole.

Golf Carts

Users of Golf carts should ensure that they take utmost care andfollow course signage relating to driving golf carts. Golf carts;

  • Must be driven on fairways where possible
  • Must not be driven on wet areas
  • Must not be driven past areas marked by blue lines
  • Must use and be parked on cart paths where possible

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